After sales picked up in March, vehicle sales in the country dipped again last month, though the drop was relatively small. A total of 47,089 vehicles were registered last month, and this represented a decrease of 2,896 units, or 5.8%, that that which was managed in March.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how most brands performed in April. It was a mixed bag of results, with five of the top 10 registering a drop in sales. The quintet were market leader Perodua (-3.9%), second-placed Honda (-14.8%), Proton (-4.9%), Nissan (-21.5%) and Mitsubishi (-35.8%).

Elsewhere, Ford (-2.6%) and Volkswagen (-25.0%) also had a softer month. Gainers included Toyota (+7.0%), Kia (+21.2%), MINI (+37.5%), Renault (+61.0%).

Most of the brands in the premium segment had a good April, the gainers list including Mercedes-Benz (+4.9%), BMW (+4.1%), Volvo (+30.5%) and Audi (+46.7%). Porsche sold exactly the same number of cars it did in March, and Lexus sold just one car less than it did the month before.

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