There are three main causes of road accidents in Malaysia. According to The Star, Inspector-Gen­eral of Police Tan Sri Moha­mad Fuzi Harun said those causes were fatigue, use of mobile phones while driving and poor attitude of drivers.

“We are focusing on eradicating traffic offences, especially driving on the emergency lane, cutting queue, speeding, using mobile phone while driving and jumping the red light,” he told the press yesterday after launching Ops Selamat 13/2018 for the upcoming Hari Raya celebrations.

He also said the number of accidents was generally on the rise as there were more cars on the road each year. To help curb this problem, leave for 80% of the police force had been frozen during Hari Raya. “That means 93,600 personnel, including 6,400 PLUS traffic police, will be on duty,” he said.

The police force was given 29 cars to facilitate its operations this coming Raya, comprising a mix of Mitsubishi Outlander, Mitsubishi ASX and Proton Preve. Ops Selamat 13/2018 kicks off today and ends June 22, 2018.