Perodua will be giving away 100 Gear Up child seats tomorrow, free of charge. The move is in conjunction with this year’s Hari Raya celebrations, and part of the five-year Perodua Road Safety Campaign that was launched in October 2017. This was told to by Perodua Sales MD Datuk Dr Zahari Husin.

“In conjunction with Hari Raya, we have a surprise for Perodua owners. Tomorrow, we will have our people stationed at three locations, at three major highways, heading to the north, south and east coast. We’re expecting people to start their balik kampung journey tomorrow. We will observe Perodua cars with children inside the car, but without child seats,” Zahari said.

“We will choose randomly and give them one Gear Up child seat, free of charge. We will approach the family, and we will teach them how to install the child seat. Some have child seats, but don’t use them in the correct way. We want to create awareness and educate as well,” he added.

Zahari did not mention the exact three locations, but did reveal that Perodua is working with Petronas and the carmaker’s panel of insurance companies on this initiative, so expect the locations to be outbound Petronas stations on major highways. One hundred toddler seats will be given away, split between the three locations.

Launched in October last year, Perodua’s Gear Up child seats come in two types – one for infants weighing up to 13 kg or up to 18 months old and another for toddlers weighing between nine and 36 kg. The latter is suitable for kids aged between nine months and 12 years old.

The child seats, which can be affixed easily to Perodua models with Isofix mounts (from 2012), are affordably priced at RM623 for the infant seat and RM736 for the toddler seat. These are introductory prices valid till June 30, with zero-rated GST.

Remember to drive safe, buckle up, and ensure that child seats are used correctly when travelling during this festive season.