For the third week of floated RON 97 petrol pricing, motorists will need to pay RM2.59 per litre, which is precisely one sen less from last week’s RM2.60 per litre. The new price will take effect from midnight till June 27 when the next fuel price announcement is made.

As before, RON 95 petrol and diesel prices remain unchanged as per the government’s decision to keeping it fixed – RON 95 continues to be priced at RM2.20 per litre and Euro 2M diesel at RM2.18 per litre, while Euro 5 diesel is priced at RM2.28 per litre at the pump.

The finance ministry has previously stated that maintaining the price of RON 95 petrol and diesel for the rest of the year required subsidies that amount to RM3 billion. Reintroducing fuel subsidies was part of Pakatan Harapan’s manifesto.