Permas assemblyman Datuk Che Zakaria Mohd Salleh said he plans to submit a proposal to Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Osman Sapian for the building of two new facilities, the first being a modern garbage disposal plant, and the other an electric car factory in Pasir Gudang.

According to Bernama, Che Zakaria said the proposed electric car factory would be built with technology from China and Japan. “We are still looking for a suitable site for the proposed electric car factory,” he told the publication. However, no specific brand or company has been mentioned.

Currently, he said the paperworks, which include research findings, have all been compiled. The next step is to present it to the MB. The assemblyman said that the factories are projected to fulfil employment needs of those residing within the vicinity of Pasir Gudang.

“The building will take after examples set by similar facilities in other countries, and this will help us identify the best methods of execution and ensure that they are suitable for the Pasir Gudang environment,” adding that the project will “indirectly attract investors to our area, thus making sure that the residents here will have job opportunities and a source of income.

Che Zakaria explained that the application to build the factories were submitted last year, but was put on hold since Pakatan Harapan took over office post-GE14. “It is my duty and our responsibility to provide the best to the rakyat and make sure that the residents in this area have good careers,” he said.

Presently, the only automotive assembly plant in Pasir Gudang is China Auto Manufacturers (CAM), which produces commercial vehicles. The next nearest facility is the Oriental Assemblers plant that’s located in Tampoi, Johor, which assembled Chery vehicles – it has since been acquired by Berjaya Assets (BAssets). What are your thoughts on this, dear readers?