The Perak state government is said to be willing to provide Proton more land around the national carmaker’s Tanjung Malim plant in order for it to expand its business. According to Bernama, chairman of the Perak Investment and Corridor Development Committee, Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, said that the production facility is being upgraded and expanded as part of the company’s revamp under Geely.

“Seeing as Proton is now expanding, it needs a bigger area [around the factory], so the state government will cooperate in providing more land,” said Nizar. “We will also work with government agencies and departments to expedite the approval process [for the land] to prevent any production slowdowns.”

Nizar added that the land preparations are part of the state government’s efforts and support in making sure that Proton continues to expand and be self-sufficient, in addition to increasing the number of available jobs for citizens within the Tanjung Malim region.

The new Proton SUV will be assembled in Tanjung Malim starting early next year

Proton is gearing up to introduce its first product developed with Geely, an SUV based on the Geely Boyue. The new model is expected to be launched in October – initially fully imported (CBU) from China – and will compete with rivals like the Honda CR-V, Nissan X-Trail and Mazda CX-5, albeit at a lower price point.

“This first model will be locally assembled (CKD) early next year, so we want the process to be uninterrupted,” said Nizar. “We also hope that the facilities in Proton’s Shah Alam factory will be moved to Tanjung Malim to streamline the production process and provide benefits to the local community for the automotive industry here.”