‘Malaysia’ number plate series now open for bidding

Looking for a way to express your love for Malaysia? Well, bidding for the ‘Malaysia’ special number plate series is now open and will remain that way until August 15. The unique plate series is being introduced in conjunction with the upcoming Merdeka Day celebrations, and was first announced back in June this year.

The plate series will be from ‘Malaysia 1’ to ‘Malaysia 9999’ but it’s obvious that certain numbers will cost a prettier penny. According to The Star, those looking to secure ‘Malaysia 1’ to ‘Malaysia 10’ will need to make a minimum bid of RM10,000.

Special numbers like ‘Malaysia 11’ to ‘Malaysia 19’ as well as those with double, triple and quadruple digits command a starting bid of RM2,000. Meanwhile, popular and running numbers start at the RM300 mark. Interested parties will need to register themselves with the Road Transport Department (JPJ) to place their bids.

‘Malaysia’ number plate series now open for bidding

Loke noted that the e-bidding system for number plates is not yet available due to technical issues that require rectification. He added that numbers that aren’t taken after the end of bidding will still be available to the public.

“We will announce the names of the successful bidders on Aug 29, and they can register their vehicles before Merdeka Day if they wish to,” transport minister Anthony Loke said at the official launch of the ‘Malaysia’ plate series.

However, there is one plate that is off limits to everyone and that is ‘Malaysia 2020’. “As Transport minister, I will use my power to reserve the ‘Malaysia 2020’ number for our prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. All other numbers are open for bidding, as the ultimate aim is to get revenue for the government,” Loke said.