This might sound silly, but Tesla boss Elon Musk has just revealed that he plans to have a KITT-like artificial intelligence system in Tesla cars. Of course, this was announced on his personal Twitter account, which seems to be his go-to platform when revealing key features.

A Model 3 Performance owner asked on Twitter if his car will get “K.I.T.T like AI in Tesla cars any time soon?”, to which Musk replied “Yes.” CarAdvice reports that this isn’t the first time Musk has promised a smart voice assistant for Tesla, having previously claimed the AI-based control system will be able to do “pretty much anything via voice command.”

For those who have not seen the TV series, this is in reference to the supercomputer-powered voice assistant in the Pontiac Trans Am from Knight Rider. The system is even capable of self-thinking and conversing effectively with humans. It could also run movies, music and games on the dashboard, besides boasting crime-fighting features such as oil jets, grappling hook and a smoke screen. If you have not seen it in your younger years, don’t do it now.

As for Tesla, it’s possible that the AI system would be similar to what Daimler is offering through Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX). Debuted in the W177 A-Class, MBUX can be activated by saying “Hey Mercedes,” and apparently it also understands indirect speech, such as “I am cold” instead of instructing it with “set the temperature to 24 degrees.” Mercedes-Benz said there is some level of machine learning involved as well, so the tech is closer to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri.

It’s unclear how far Tesla is with its AI development, but the team is being led by Andrej Karpathy (computer vision and AI). He was formerly a research scientist at OpenAI (a non-profit company Musk left in February 2018) and is described as “one of the world’s leading experts in computer vision and deep learning.” Tesla is also working on a new AI chip, reports Electrek.

Now, over to you. Are you in favour of voice assistants to help with in-car functions such as increase or decrease audio volume, adjust climate control and the like? How would you use such a technology? Leave your thoughts below.