We’re closing in on the official debut of the all-new V167 Mercedes-Benz GLE, which is said to be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show next month. We’ve already seen glimpses of how the new SUV will roughly look like inside and out, but this time we’re able to take a proper look of its cabin.

Now, the vehicle in question appears to be an AMG model, featuring the familiar dual-tone twin-five spoke alloy wheels, huge diamond grille with a gaping lower valance finished in gloss black, blacked out roof rails and dual hexagonal exhaust pipes. The rear portion, particularly between the C- and D-pillars remain covered, but we have already seen a prototype that’s nearly uncovered.

Say the rear is still covered, but we’ve already seen a nearly uncovered one before

For the cabin, we previously saw a heavily-covered prototype, but certain elements stood out, such as the huge widescreen display. It’s confirmed now that the entire panel will be a single unit, although one can expect the driver’s instruments to be separate from the infotainment system, which will command (no pun intended) the bulk of the screen’s real estate.

Below that you’ll find a quartet of air-con vents, a row of in-car controls (parking camera, HVAC controls and the like), cubbies and a wireless smartphone charging tray. Between the two prominent grab handles on the centre console rests the new Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) system that first debuted on the W177 A-Class.

As for the driver, there’s a three-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel with buttons, switches and touch pads (in the form of small black squares; enables swiping functions). It’s not nearly the same as the steering wheel on the updated W222 S-Class, but the button arrangements are similar.

Peeking through the rear passenger window reveals an interesting new addition – electric adjustable seat controls for the outer seats. This particular AMG variant even comes with the Burmester sound system.

To recap, the new GLE will be built on the same Modular High Architecture (MHA; basically a modified MRA underpinning the C-, E- and S-Class) that will be shared with the next GLS. This means the new GLE should be significantly lighter than the current W166 model, with entry level models expected to ditch the all-wheel drive system, putting it just shy of the two-tonne mark. It’ll be more aerodynamic as well, with drag coefficient dropping from 0.32 to 0.30 Cd.

So, are you liking what you see so far? Based on what we’ve seen so far, would you pick the V167 Mercedes-Benz GLE over its arch rival, the G05 BMW X5? Let us know in the comments section below.