Mercedes-Benz’s first electric EQ model, the EQC, has completed its final round of hot weather testing in the Tabernas desert, and the German automaker has released a new video showing a few highlights from the excursion.

The car seen here is wearing the same psychedelic wrap as before, so cues like the distinctive headlamps and GLC-esque body shape remain apparent. Thankfully, our spies have provided us photos of another pre-production unit that is wearing less camouflage of a different design.

The spied unit appears to follow in the footsteps of the Generation EQ concept that previewed it, albeit with a few changes. For instance, the front grille is more conventional rather than being a large display like on the concept. The same can be said of the door handles and side mirrors.

Elsewhere, the slim taillights continue to be covered with camo, while the wheels are in a design that is likely influenced by the concept as well. Even better, a shot of the interior gives us some idea what the electric-only SUV will look like from the inside.

As you can see, it is a familiar affair for those who have seen recent Mercedes-Benz models, with a large, widscreen digital display cockpit, the latest steering wheel design (with Touch Control) as well as a redesigned touchpad on the centre console.

According to EQC chief engineer Michael Kelz, the company has been testing numerous prototypes and pre-production models, with about a million kilometres racked up by his team. Testing has been conducted on four different continents, including in hot and cold weather conditions.

Kelz calls the EQC a game changer, but it will have to compete against the Audi e-tron, which is making its debut in the middle of September. For now, official specifications of the SUV are scarce, with some claiming a close relation to the Generation EQ that has a 500 km range.