Volvo has released two short videos on its Facebook page, which tease the debut of a new concept vehicle simply called the 360c. The Swedish automaker describes it as its “vision for the future of travel,” and asks the question: “could time spent travelling become time well spent?”

The more recent of the two videos gives us a few glimpses at what the 360c will look like, where it appears the concept is capable of presenting a rather dazzling light show.

At the front, the traditional iron mark symbol is now illuminated with a wide light bar spanning across it. In another frame, a strip of light leads to what looks like a camera that replaces a conventional side mirror, with extra lighting present.

Moving to the rear, we see taillights that mimic those of the latest S60, albeit without the bottom section of the ‘C’. The clusters appear to be linked to a “fin” that bears the number ‘360’ on it. The rather blocky look of the 360c, combined with the Facebook caption, suggest the concept will be a showcase of Volvo’s electrification or autonomous driving technologies.

An earlier video further supports this theory, whereby the audience are treated to a pleasant sound clip. The caption attached to it reads, “this could be the sound of your future ride. What do you think it’s saying?”

Based on the comments and replies posted, a self-driving, electric-powered Volvo is a strong likelihood as the company is aiming to supply fully electric vehicles in its future. However, we’ll have to wait for a full reveal to see just what Volvo has come up with.