Here is perhaps a less obvious purveyor of electric vehicles – Russian firearms and military equipment manufacturer Kalashnikov has unveiled the CV-1, a prototype electric vehicle clothed in a strong retro design theme. According to news reports, the claimed operating range for the fully-electric CV-1 is 350 km, with juice provided by a 90 kWh battery pack. Acceleration for the 0-100 km/h benchmark is a claimed 6.0 seconds.

The CV-1 has been designed to appear similar to a 1970s Soviet-era car, albeit with modern touches such as LED headlamps and large wheels fitted with low-profile tyres. Overall though, it is a firmly retro aesthetic.

The CV-1 actually isn’t the firm’s first electric vehicle effort. Kalashnikov has already offered off-road vehicles including motorcycles and ATVs, and here the CV-1 – pitched as a rival to the Tesla Model S – is the latest in its line of battery-operated vehicles.

The Palo Alto firm probably hasn’t much to fear from Kalashnikov just yet, though, as details on a production version of the CV-1 are still scarce, and consequently will be some distance away from public consumption. What do you think of the CV-1, dear folks?