Honda Australia has released a new range of original accessories for the FK8 Honda Civic Type R, and unlike their first set of items that were rather dull (think floor mats and luggage trays), these are items that will actually get you excited.

The first is a set of forged wheels that are designed with inspiration from legendary Type R models like the DC2 Integra Type R in one of the photos. While they may measure 20 inches – the same as the standard units – their process of manufacture makes them 2.1 kg lighter at each wheel for a total of 8.4 kg in unsprang weight savings.

The wheels don’t come cheap, and you will have to lighten your wallet by AUD13,999 (RM41,913) in order to get them. Thankfully, Honda Australia also offers five carbon-fibre styling packages which cost a lot less combined than those white-painted wheels, although they may lack the visual impact depending on who you ask.

For starters, the centre piece of the Type R’s prominent rear wing can be done up in carbon-fibre for AUD2,899 (RM8,680), while a new CF diffuser garnish will set you back AUD1,999 (RM5,985), and CF mirrors cap are AUD1,299 (RM3,889).

Meanwhile, interior carbon-fibre bits include new door sills that are priced at AUD1,599 (RM4,787) and an interior trim package. Retailing at AUD1,699 (RM5,087), the package includes a new dash inlay and trim piece near the gear lever, all done in the aforementioned material.

Should you tick every single box, the total sum of these options will be AUD23,494 (RM70,387), which is close to half of the Civic Type R’s base price in Australia (AUD50,990 or RM152,764). With mathematics, a tricked-out Civic Type R will be AUD74,484 (RM223,151).

Keep in mind that the figure is before you add other accessories like floor mats, door visors, luggage tray, ambient lighting and door lining illumination, which are priced between AUD179-699 or RM536-2,094). If you want those white wheels, consider getting the optional McGard wheel lock nut set for AUD179 (RM536) as well. Like what you see?

GALLERY: FK8 Honda Civic Type R (Malaysia spec)