Audi’s range of electric vehicles will be capable of fast charging to 80% in under 12 minutes, and this will be achievable by 2020, according to an Autocar report. The automaker’s newly-launched e-tron SUV, which is Audi’s first pure electric car, is capable of charging to 80% in 30 minutes via 150 kW DC fast chargers that are being deployed across Europe.

These fast chargers are part of the Ionity network formed by Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and several other automakers, and the unit is capable of 350 kW DC charging. This, however, will only take place when battery technology has been developed enough to handle high charging levels.

The wait won’t be long, though. Senior e-tron product marketing manager Johannes Eckstein told the publication that the upcoming e-tron GT will be the first car to feature batteries capable of charging at 350 kW. The e-tron GT will arrive in 2020.

Presently, battery technology is not advanced enough to handle the electrical flow rate of 350 kW charging, but it’s said that the next-generation of batteries, like that which will be fitted to the e-tron GT, will be able to. Having such batteries will surely help address range anxiety, which is a big factor limiting EV uptake, especially in Europe.

On average, the time needed to refuel and pay for conventional fuels such as petrol and diesel is seven minutes. Being able to get an 80% charge in under 10 minutes doesn’t seem too bad now, does it?

If anything, this news reflects Porsche’s early claims of the Taycan being able to get roughly 400 km of range through a 15-minute charge via 350 kW DC charging outlets. The electric-only Taycan will arrive in 2020.

In the case of the e-tron, Audi offers two home AC charging solutions, beginning with the Charging System Compact that is rated at up to 11 kW for European markets, with a full charge taking about 8.5 hours. The US market gets the same unit, but the rate is pegged at 9.6 kW (less than 10 hours for a full charge).

Next, you have the 22 kW Charging System Connect, allowing a full charge in under 4.5 hours. The system is linked to the myAudi app, allowing owners to set their desired charge level or coordinate a charging plan based on departure times. Both charging systems here employ a Type 2 connector, but the e-tron supports the Combined Charging System (CCS) standard for DC fast charging as well.

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