Collecting toys can be a truly expensive hobby. Dedicated collectors are known to spend hefty sums on limited edition models, and there are far more of those than you think exist.

This Porsche 919 Hybrid 1:8 scale model could just be the next most sought-after model for model car collectors, seeing as production is limited to just 100 units. You might want to be fast about it if you want one, because only four units are left, but be prepared to pay – it carries a whopping price tag of US$14,689 (RM61k).

The model itself is built out of resin, which Porsche says allows refined reproduction of the details (accurate to one-tenth of a millimetre!) found on the original race car. The doors and rear engine cover are all operational, and opening them reveals elaborate miniatures of the cockpit and engine.

Over 3,000 hours of work goes into the making of the 919 Hybrid scale model, which employ a combination of digital machining, conventional engineering and handcrafting skills. Each unit is manufactured with a technology that’s used to create prototypes in the automotive design industry, and the scale model features the use of aluminium and pewter.

Each scale model is finished with authentic car paint, then cut and polished by hand. It gets shipped with a showcase, along with a carbon-coated socket with a badge stating the limitation number of the model (001/100). Of course, Porsche will also provide all relevant figures about the race performance of the 919 Hybrid and the signatures of the drivers.

So, does this catch your fancy, and would you be willing to pay for one? Or do you know anyone who would be interested?