Renault is looking to introduce another electric car in the future, according to Gilles Normand, senior vice president of Renault Group’s electric vehicle division. The forthcoming vehicle is said to be sized close to the Megane in order to meet those in market for a C-segment model.

“Zoe is B-segment, so we need to go down with A-segment – the K-ZE – and we need to go a little bit up. Our strategy is very clear: we want to cover the key segments in Europe [in the] A, B, and C segments,” said Normand in a report by Autocar UK.

He added that the model would likely be an SUV model following the current worldwide trend, and come with a longer range than the Zoe and K-ZE. “If you look at Zoe buyers’ profile, 80% of users fit with the current range of 186 miles (299 km). “For C-segment, it’s only 60%, so here we need more range. By 2022, we want more than 310 miles real usage, so we are working on it,” he explained.

The yet-unnamed crossover EV model will be built on the Common Module Family (CMF) platform, which is shared with other Alliance members, Nissan and Mitsubishi. The modular platform will be used for numerous other vehicles as well.