You may have heard of Durian Works, a small design startup that we previously featured on this site. Not content with virtually modifying the Perodua Myvi, the designers have now whipped up an electric version of Malaysia’s most popular small car, aptly called Myv-E.

Dressed in white, the car shown in the renders wears a number of typical electric vehicle styling features, including a blanked-off grille, blue badging, blue-tinted LED headlights and aerodynamic faired wheels. Although an EV requires very little cooling, there’s now a huge lower grille with purple accent lighting.

At the back, the Myv-E’s rear windscreen now extends down to the Perodua badge, while the LED tail lights have also been redesigned with a sleeker trapezoidal shape and revised internal graphics. The fake vents on the corners of the rear bumper has been retained, but the rear number plate recess has been removed, and blue lighting now adorns the B-pillars, doors and rear spoiler to denote its zero-emissions status.

Don’t hold your breath for an actual all-electric Myvi, however – last year, The Star reported that Perodua has no immediate plans to change from petrol to electrons, due to a lack of charging infrastructure and the relative unavailability of lithium-ion batteries in Malaysia. Its partner Daihatsu doesn’t make electric cars, either, preferring to stick to petrol power only in its home market in Japan (save for its hybrid Mebius and Altis models, which are rebadged versions of the Toyota Prius v and Camry Hybrid respectively).

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