Jaguar Land Rover bosses are considering a plan to transform the Jaguar brand into an EV-only brand within the next decade, according to a report by Autocar. Apparently, company product planners have produced a skeletal strategy, which will see its conventional range of models be phased out over the next five to seven years. The cars will then be replaced by pure-electric vehicles.

The first major model to go full electric would be the XJ, and it’s expected to debut in two years’ time. The flagship EV will go against the upcoming Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S, boasting segment-leading refinement, ride quality and design while incorporating the classic Jaguar interior.

Beyond that, the XE and XF, which are slated to go out of production in 2023, will be replaced by all-electric crossovers that are slightly bigger than the Audi E-tron. An all-new I-Pace would be rolled out in 2025, and by 2026, nearly all Jaguar models would be all-electric. The report states that the J-Pace will be the only combustion-engined crossover to be offered until 2027.

Meanwhile, Jaguar’s design chief Ian Callum said the next-generation F-Type sports car may be electrified instead of being axed altogether. He said “there is something very emotional about a sports car that conveys the ultimate in the sense of performance and design,” although it’s unknown if the F-Type will go full electric thereafter.

It’s also revealed that a four or five-model all-electric Jaguar line-up could sell as many as 300,000 units per year, benefiting from much higher retail prices and riding a trend that is expected to see a sizeable chunk of the luxury vehicle market switching to battery power.

Although the outline of this transformation has reached an advanced stage, the project has yet to receive the green light due to Jaguar’s poor sales for its three-model sedan range. Executives at Tata (Jaguar’s Indian parent company) are said to be unhappy with the brand’s recent performance, given its extensive investment.

On the bright side, the E-Pace is now Jaguar’s second best-selling model, and the company’s electric division is rather well-received with the introduction of the I-Pace SUV and its continued exploits in Formula E. This, according to insiders, make for the perfect introduction to the brand’s electric revolution.