It’s an unlikely rally car, but Jaguar has developed two out of the F-Type Convertible. The cars feature design cues from the F-Type Chequered Flag Limited Edition. But why rally, and why the F-Type Convertible?

Like the Jaguar XK 120 registration plate NUB 120, which in the early 1950s completed three consecutive Alpine Rallies without incurring a single penalty point, and won the RAC and Tulip, the F-Type Convertible is the British marque’s sportscar of the day, and it’s topless too.

The rally-spec F-Type Convertible is powered by Jaguar’s 300 PS/400 Nm 2.0 litre Ingenium turbo-four. With modifications overseen by Jaguar Design and Engineering, both cars were built to FIA specification. Essentials include uprated brakes and suspension fitted alongside a protective rollcage, race seats with six-point harness, bonnet-mounted quad light pod (so rally!) and a fire extinguisher.

The brakes comprise of grooved discs with four-piston calipers front and rear. Hand-built competition dampers and softer springs ensure the cars can be driven flat-out over rough rally stages. Three-way adjustable dampers allow the Jags to be tuned for different surfaces and feature spherical bearings for added precision.

The rally mods are rounded off by motorsport-spec wheels and tyres specifically for use on gravel, a limited-slip differential and a hydraulic handbrake to replace the standard electronic one. The celebratory models – one-off, Jaguar insists – were put through their paces at Walters Arena rally stage in South Wales, and will now attend a series of Jaguar events over the next few months.

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