Following a recall notice for all Yamaha YZF-R25 models by Yamaha Motor Co, Japan, authorised Malaysian distributor Hong Leong Yamaha Motor (HLYM) has issued a recall notice for Malaysian R25s. The recall affects a radiator hose and a torsion spring.

Chassis numbers for those bikes affected by the radiator hose recall begin with the code PMYRG1510E, PMYRG1510F dan PMYRG1510G, as well as chassis numbers PMYRG1510H 0000000 to 0012240. Meanwhile, the torsion spring recall applies to all YZF-R25s with the chassis codes beginning with PMYRG1510E, PMYRG1510F and PMYRG1510G, along with code numbers PMYRG1510G 0000000 to 0006758.

Recall notices will be issued to individual owners by HLYM beginning January 2019. Upon receipt of the notification, affected R25 owners should make an appointment with an authorised Yamaha Malaysia service centre to carry out remedial work.