It’s a busy month for Goodyear, with the American tyre company announcing another new model just a week after introducing its new Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5. The latest to arrive is the Eagle F1 SuperSport, which rolls in as the new flagship performance tyre for the brand.

What’s interesting about the ultra ultra high performance (UUHP) tyre is that it is split into three-tiers, in this case badged as Supersport, SuperSport R and SuperSport RS. The company says that the new range features innovative technologies and compounds that enable significant improvements to braking distances and lap times without neglecting more intangible elements such as feedback during turn-in and braking.

With the Eagle F1 SuperSport, stiff tread ribs ensure responsive directional changes, while a massive closed outside pattern on the tyre’s shoulder provides control during load transfers in corners. A super-stiff sidewall design further improves handling without unduly compromising ride comfort.

Although primarily developed for dry conditions, Goodyear has innovatively addressed wet performance through the deployment of a multi-compound combination that sees dry-optimised outer sections paired with three wet-optimised central segments.

Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport, Supersport R (top right), SuperSport RS (bottom right).

In Europe, Goodyear will be introducing 25 SKUs for the SuperSport between February and May 2019, with fitments ranging from 18- to 21-inch diameters, 205 to 305 mm widths and an aspect ratio ranging from 45 to 30. The SuperSport is intended for hot hatches like the Volkswagen Golf GTI, high-performance saloons including the BMW M3 and Mercedes-AMG C63 and everyday supercars such as the Porsche 911 Turbo.

The SuperSport R further increases grip levels and steering precision – grip levels are enhanced through use of a high-friction compound that provides exceptional dry grip levels, while excellent cornering stability is ensured by bridges in the tread pattern’s inner groove, which reduces deformation of tread blocks under extreme cornering forces.

Slated for introduction between February and November next year, the SuperSport R – intended for performance-focused models such as the BMW M4 CS and Porsche 911 GT3 – will be available in 10 SKUs, with fitments ranging from 18- to 21-inch diameters, 205 to 305 mm widths and 25 to 40 aspect ratios.

As for the SuperSport RS, this is the brand’s most race-focused tire, designed to push the limit on track while remaining road legal. A highly specialised racing-originated compound provides ultimate grip and performance levels in dry conditions. Only two SKUs will be introduced for this one, sized 265/35 ZR20 and 325/30 ZR21, and they will be available from March next year.