Cracking down on drivers and riders treating the Kuala Lumpur-Karak Highway as their personal racetrack, police conducted Op Khas Bersepadu Genting, or Combined Genting Special Operation. Erecting a roacblock at the Gombak toll plaza, police and JPJ issued a total of 572 summons over the two-day exercise.

In a Berita Harian report, Superintendent Azman Shariat of the Traffic Police Investigation and Enforcement Division said the operation focused on bringing to heel drivers of luxury sports cars and high-powered motorcycles that speed along the highway, usually on weekends. Of the 572 summons issued, police handed out 355 citations out of the total.

Of these, 94 summons were for offences related to driving licences, 31 for not having a wing mirror, 54 for road tax offences and 90 for non-conforming number plates. The balance of summons were 12 for not wearing a seat belt, 15 for not displaying ‘P’ or ‘L’ plates and 54 for miscellaneous offences.

One of the luxury vehicles stopped for checks during the operation was found to have not paid road tax for 10 years. Meanwhile, several other drivers were detained for drug offences, dangerous driving, driving under the influence and using false number plates while a female foreign national was held for not having valid travel documents.