Japanese prosecutors have re-arrested Carlos Ghosn on fresh allegations of aggravated breach of trust earlier today, diminishing chances of his impending release on bail. According to Automotive News, his re-arrest means Ghosn could be detained for another 10 days in a Tokyo jail, where he has been confined since November 19 on initial allegations of financial misconduct.

The new allegations were reportedly based on suspicions that the Brazilian-born Frenchman had used Nissan to shoulder personal investment losses of about 1.85 billion yen (RM69.4 million) that he had incurred around 2008, Kyodo News said. Ghosn’s lawyer, Motonari Otsuru, was not available for comment.

The dramatic turn of events came just hours after Ghosn – through his lawyer and quoted by Japanese public broadcaster NHK – vowed to restore his good name in court. He also plans to hold a news conference after his release. “Things as they stand are absolutely unacceptable,” he said. “I want to have my position heard and restore my honour in court.”

Carlos Ghosn remains as CEO of Renault, despite being removed from positions in Nissan and Mitsubishi

The auto titan’s arrest has marked a dramatic fall for a leader once revered for rescuing Nissan from the brink of bankruptcy. He has been in detention since November 19, allegedly for grossly understating his income over the period of five years beginning in 2010. He was later charged with the same alleged financial crime over the past three years.

The whole scandal is starting to shake the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, with Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa pressing for changes to weaken Renault’s grip. The French automaker holds a 43.4% (fully voting) stake in Nissan since the two entities became strategic partners in 1999.

There was no immediate word on Greg Kelly, who was arrested at the same time over his alleged role in masterminding the whole crime. At the same time, Nissan is also trying to block access to homes used by Ghosn in Beirut and Rio de Janeiro (roughly worth RM36.6 million and RM12.54 million respectively), part of a global network of real estate owned by the carmaker and provided to its ousted chairman.