With the Toyota Prius facelift already launched in Japan, the folks over at TRD have begun releasing a slew of parts and accessories for the hybrid model.

For the exterior, TRD offers two different body kit designs to choose from, with the first being referred to as ‘Aggressive Style’. As its name suggests, the package increases the visual presence of the Prius with a prominent front spoiler, side skirts, boot spoiler and a new rear bumper. The last item comes in two flavours which includes either a diffuser and dual exhausts, or a more subdued version.

The second kit is labelled ‘Aerodynamics Style’ and looks a bit more reserved by comparison, with a less aggressive front lip, optional canards and only a body-coloured diffuser at the rear. Depending on which package is chosen, buyers will be able to add on more items like garnishes for the roof, tailgate, side mirrors, and even a bumper protector.

However, the list of parts doesn’t just end there as there are wheel options ranging from 15 to 18 inches to choose from. Other items include a member brace set for better rigidity, struts to control body movement, lock wheel nuts and others.