A proposal has been forwarded by a Whatsapp based group called Safety First to transport minister Anthony Loke for motorcycles on Malaysian roads to be restricted to the left most lane. The 500 member group said the ban on riders using the middle and right lanes was to reduce fatalities amongst motorcyclists and for their own safety, Bernama reported.

Additionally, road safety department director-general Rosli Isa said the department is considering limiting the speed of motorcycles 150 cc and below to 70 km/h on the basis the cause for most fatal road accidents is speed. Rosli said, from department statistics, out of 6,742 fatal road accidents in 2018, 60% involved motorcyclists and pillion riders.

However, Loke has come out to say while he is aware of the proposal, it will have to be reviewed. “If we want to reduce fatal accidents we definitely have to reduce motorcycle fatalities … we are open to suggestions but we need to evaluate its implementation. We can always agree to the proposal but most importantly how are we going to enforce it?” he said in a The Malay Mail report.

The transport ministry has not made any decision on the proposal as yet, Loke said. He added he was aware weak enforcement has contributed to a rise in road accidents and that enforcement and existing regulations would be tightened.