It’s only been a few days since Toyota unveiled the fifth-generation A90 Supra but tuners have already begun drafting their own modifications for the venerable sports car.

What you’re looking at here is Prior Design’s widebody kit concept for the Supra, which is sure to attract quite a bit of attention should it ever be put into production. Of course, looks are a subjective matter, and you’ll either love or loathe what the company has come up with.

Anyway, the styling kit is a rather comprehensive one, and it starts with a new front end that sports one big intake rather than the three-section approach of the standard car.

The bumper itself is accompanied by a “winged” lip, while further up, the bonnet gets vents to better cool the engine underneath. Wider fenders – vented at the front – are also part of the package, as are new side skirts to increase the car’s footprint, fitting the widebody description.

Around back, there isn’t a whole lot that’s new aside from the big wing that grasps onto the existing boot lid lip spoiler. Rounding off the list of modifications is a set of new wheels and lowered suspension.

GALLERY: A90 Toyota GR Supra