We’ve seen the exterior of Geely’s upcoming “Sports Coupe SUV”, codenamed FY11; now here are official images of the car’s interior. Looks good, doesn’t it?

Geely says that as the FY11 will be its most driver centric model yet, the interior design places heavy emphasis on the person behind the wheel. The dashboard has an asymmetric design and the big infotainment panel screen adopts a “flying wing” design that is tilted slightly towards the driver.

The dual layer dash features a chrome strip outlining the infotainment panel, interlaced with and layered under the cover of the matte black surface. The contrast between the chrome and black dash creates a unique 3D visual effect, Geely says. Sitting on opposite ends are “embossed” air vents, each sitting on top of different layers of the dash, further emphasising the asymmetric nature of the cockpit.

The steering wheel is a small multi-function flat bottomed item and the design of the door cards was inspired by the traditional art of origami folding. Sharp lines outline the door handles and storage spaces.

In the centre console, one will find an airplane throttle-styled shifter and metallic handrails, elements that have featured in previous Geelys. Like the screen, the controls are also tilted slightly towards the driver. Ambient lighting can be found on the doors and central tunnel. Geely says that the FY11’s seats draw inspiration from race car bucket seats, while taking comfort into account. The headrests were designed based on those found in first-class airline cabins, it’s claimed.

Geely’s first model on the Compact Modular Architecture platform will be powered by a 2.0 litre turbo engine with 235 hp and 350 Nm. The coupe SUV, which is designed in the style of Mercedes-Benz’s GLC and BMW’s X4, will have front-wheel drive and AWD variants.