When we last saw a Cayman GT4 facelift development vehicle, it appeared to be much the same as the original – deeper scoops, lower front splitter and larger rear wing than on the mainstream Cayman variants. The latest sighting of Cayman here, though, is of one dressed rather more modestly, more like a 718 GTS than a Porsche Motorsport division product.

Contrary to the more basic appearance, however, is the aural presence of a six-cylinder engine, according to our spy photographer source. A high-revving powertrain with a more subdued exterior – sounds like a Touring spin-off like what Porsche had done with the 911 GT3, doesn’t it?

There would be a slight change of tack where the aesthetic parallels are concerned, it appears. Where the 911 GT3 Touring largely appeared to merely do without the standard, large GT3 rear wing with bodywork elsewhere unchanged, the development Cayman here appears to use the front bumper from the GTS range, with less prominent side intakes.

The rear end stays closer to the change that was observed previously, with a pair of exhaust outlets placed further apart from each other compared to the central layout of the current mid-engined Porsche (Boxster and Cayman) range. Also as before, a more prominent rear diffuser surrounds the exhaust outlets.

Powertrain is expected to be the aforementioned six-cylinder, namely a detuned version of the naturally-aspirated unit from the 911 GT3. Peak output should be around the 400 hp mark – comfortably in between the first Cayman GT4‘s 385 hp and the GT3’s 500 hp. Our sources have previously noted that both six-speed manual and dual-clutch automatic transmission options are confirmed.

GALLERY: Porsche Cayman GT4 facelift spyshots