A tweet posted by UK-based designer Robert Charles (now deleted) has revealed what is possibly the interior of the next-generation Land Rover Defender, which is set to make its debut later this year.

The image appears to show a mock-up of the Defender’s dashboard, and should be taken with a pinch of salt, at least for now. As far as we can see, Land Rover has thoroughly modernised the off-roader’s cabin with displays for the car’s instrument cluster and infotainment system.

There also appears to be a heads-up display and touch interfaces on the rugged steering wheel, which isn’t unlike what you’ll find on the Velar. The carmaker also appears to be focused on ensuring driving-related controls are within easy reach, as the gear lever is propped up rather closer to the steering wheel. The “car” seen here has an automatic gearbox, but it remains to be seen if manual versions will also be available.

Those dials beside the lever could serve a number of functions, given the use of contextual smart dials (with screens) in recent Land Rover models. If we had to guess, they could be dedicated to the car’s drive modes and/or climate control system. As we don’t see a lever to engage low- or high-range manually, we reckon easier-to-operate buttons will be used instead.

Other cues seen include the use of the Defender logo on the wheel and passenger-side of the dashboard; two small air vents above the infotainment screen; and what is possibly three front seats. The ‘stop’ and ‘go’ stamped on the accelerator and brake pedals are likely just park of the mock-up, and may not be present in the finished product.

As for the Defender’s exterior, Land Rover has already released numerous photos of disguised development mules in the past. In them, we see a boxy design that is more contemporary compared to the iconic shape we’re all familiar with. Spyshots also indicate the off-roader will come in two wheelbases – 90 inch and 110 inch – with a double cab attached to the latter.

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