A total of 32,725 summons was issued by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) during Ops TBC held from 29 January to 12 February. 128,569 vehicles were examined during the operation held over the Chinese New Year holidays, said a JPJ statement.

This represents a reduction of 19.52% in summons issued compared to the same period last year, when 40,660 summons were issued and 110,755 vehicles were checked by JPJ. “This shows an increase in road users who are obeying road rules and regulations. This operation is a continuous by the government to ensure road users have a pleasant journey during festive seasons, aside from ensuring laws are obeyed,” according to the statement.

Meanwhile, JPJ issued 12,433 summons for infringements of the main offences – failing to obey traffic lights, overtaking on double line, using mobile phone, cutting queue, failure to wear seat belt, hogging the right-most lane and driving in the emergency lane – while 8,632 summons was issued to road users caught speeding by speed cameras.

Amongst offences that attracted large numbers of summons were overloading with 1,472 summons, failure to stop at red light with 565, not wearing a seatbelt with 541 and overtaking on a double white line with 284. Mobile phone usage while operating a vehicle attracted 253 summons and failure to wear a motorcycle safety helmet garnered 280 summons.

14 vehicles were seized by JPJ during Ops TBC while 39 notices were issued for failure to obey the ban on heavy vehicles on the highway during the holiday season from 2 to 4 February and 9 to 10 February. A total of 186 motorcycles were seized by authorities and 7,866 summons were issued to bikers with not having a license attracting 2,788 summons and riding with an expired license recording 1,751 summons.