Apple has filed a patent for facial recognition technology which will enable users who are registered with the vehicle to unlock doors as they approach, according to Futurism.

Though published very recently, the patent was actually filed early in 2017, according to the document sighted on Free Patents Online, which dates the patent back to before Apple transferred more than 200 employees from Project Titan, its self-driving car endeavour. As such, it is unclear if the development of facial recognition technology is part of a current, ongoing process, or if it is something from Project Titan’s earlier days which Apple wants to safeguard for possible later use.


Described as ‘system and method for vehicle authorisation’, the patent appears to illustrate a facial recognition system that can accommodate personalised settings for each registered user, from seat and mirror position settings which are commonly used presets in cars today, to other parameters such as climate control and infotainment.

Apple’s own facial recognition for its devices, Face ID, already grants users access to their devices by looking at the camera, bypassing the need for a passcode. Where this ease of access posed questions of legality in instances of devices belonging to suspects of criminal activity, there will be concern for the immediate security of users logged in to vehicles saved with their biometric data. What say you, dear readers?