Last week, Geely revealed the first official photos of its new all-electric sedan, codenamed GE11, and with the car’s preview showing at the Himalaya Museum in Shanghai come more photos and details of the car – including the first images of the interior.

The company claims that the GE11 has been styled to highlight its status as a zero-emissions vehicle, based around a new concept for full-electric vehicles that is “multi-dimensional, fluid and alive” – despite the car still wearing the brand’s “expanding cosmos” design identity. Without a conventional grille, the concentric ring design has now spread across the entire front fascia, a cue lifted from the Concept Icon.

The slim headlights are said to expand laterally like “blades of light,” with tails that reach around the sides of the car. Here, instead of the pronounced front fenders of other Geely models, there’s just a straight upper shoulder line, with another line rising up from the rear fenders. There’s also a panoramic roof that continues the sweep of the front windscreen, as well as flush door handles that pop out when the user approaches.

While Geely has yet to reveal the entire rear end (we’ve seen an image from Chinese site Autohome), the C-shaped tail lights are clean and crisp, linked by a strip that goes around the rear end. Flush five-spoke alloy wheels contribute to a low drag coefficient of just 0.24.

The simplicity is taken to an even greater extreme on the inside, with a layered dashboard and a striking asymmetrical centre console. The usual displays have been resized for a unique driving experience, so the centre screen measures a massive 12.3 inches, while the instrument cluster has been reduced to a small floating screen. Touch controls replace most physical buttons, and a storage compartment with wireless smartphone charging resides within the double-layer armrest.

Geely says that the GE11 meets Europe’s OEKO-TEX Standard 100 environmental protection standard, making it safe even for newborn babies. The eco-friendly fabrics, which are waterproof, antifouling and breathable, are claimed to prevent the seats from rapidly diverging from the ambient temperature while also being soft to the touch and comfortable to sit on.

Official technical specifications have yet to be released, but it’s been reported that the GE11 will be powered by a 130 kW (177 PS) electric motor and a lithium-ion battery, providing a top speed of 150 km/h. The car will be the first model of the new Geely New Energy brand, represented by a sleeker silver logo and initially launching in first- and second-tier cities in China.