Is Buell back with Fuell? New e-bike arrives in 2021

Despite making some truly innovative motorcycles across the previous two decades – the Lightning and SX being two good examples – true widespread market success seems to have eluded Erik Buell and Buell Motorcycles. News has emerged of a collaboration between Buell, Fre?de?ric Vasseur, team principal of Sauber F1 and Francois-Xavier Terny of Spark Racing, the company building Formula E cars, to produce electric mobility vehicles under the name Fuell.

While information on the project is scanty, an report says there are two vehicles scheduled to hit the market. The first is an electric bicycle called the Fuell Fluid-1, that comes with a 100 Nm torque electric motor powered by two removable batteries giving 1 kWh of power.

The Fluid-1 is claimed to be able to get up to 200 km of range on a single charge and there are two versions – the standard model which goes up to 32 km/h and the S which gets a 45 km/h top speed. Priced at 3,295 USD (RM13,468), the Fluid-1 is expected to be on sale sometime in 2019 with purchase details available in April.

Fuell’s electric motorcycle (e-bike) is called the Flow-1 and features an electric motor housed inside the rear wheel. According to Fuell, this eliminates the need for a secondary belt or chain and the subsequent power loss.

Two model variants are shown for the Flow-1 – the base version comes with a 11 kW version while the Flow-1S has 35 kWh on tap. A 50-litre storage compartment is located under the seat and the Flow-1 comes with smartphone connectivity.

Charging time for the Flow-1 is claimed to be less than 30 minutes on a public charger which gives it a range of 200 km. Pricing for the Flow-1 is 10,995 USD (RM44,940) with market availability in 2021.

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