It appears that BMW M is in active talks with BMW i division on the possibility of electrifying future M models. While the Bavarian giant is looking to electrify its passenger car line-up (the latest G20 3 Series is tipped to receive an all-electric variant), BMW M cars have steered clear of electrification.

However, head of BMW i product line, Robert Irlinger, told Auto Express that his team had already started working with BMW M to deliver electrification in performance cars. “You will see electrified vehicles in M division as well,” he said.

“We are in talks with all of the other BMW Group brands and sub-brands – Rolls-Royce, MINI and yes, M division – and you will see electrification coming across onto their products. It will be at differing levels, of course, but it will happen. We are working with them, right now,” Irlinger explained.

He added: “There are some real advantages from incorporating electric power into performance vehicles. You have immediate torque delivery which can give you acceleration while a combustion engine is still thinking about it. These advantages we will spread to the whole brands, in a specific way.”

This bit of news comes as no surprise. In November 2017, BMW M confirmed that it was developing hybrid cars, with several prototypes – complete with functional hybrid powertrains – well into the testing phase. Electrifying M cars is technically a compliance move to meet stringent emissions regulations, but BMW assures that its latest electric tech will offer engineers and customers a wider range of options than ever before. Fancy a BMW M3 hybrid, anyone?