First shown as a concept motorcycle as the EICMA show in Italy in 2018, the Aprilia RS 660 concept motorcycle generated a lot of interest from the public. In a motorcycle market that is bereft of a pure middleweight sports machine, the RS 660 promises much for the rider who wants a bike that goes fast but isn’t encumbered with the weight and liabilities of a litre class bike.

According to French website Moto-Station and as reported in, development on the RS 660 is on going. “We continue the development of the RS660, it follows its path; there are no special reasons that would prevent it from arriving in 2020. At the upcoming EICMA fair in Milan, it will be presented in final version,” said a Piaggio spokesperson.

While there is a paucity of details on the RS 660, being a twin is a given since slicing the RSV4 mill in half would not be a big deal. As for power, a number a little above 100 hp would be a good guess as that is the median for bikes in this class.

Given that Aprilia expects this to be “the first model of a new platform,”, we can assume that a naked 660 will be coming some time soon. As for pricing, it is said the Aprilia RS 660 will be marketed to a specific price point, possibly in between work-a-day bikes like the Honda 650 and right up against super sports machines like the Yamaha R6.