The sports commissioner’s office (PJS) has announced via a press statement earlier this week that a special temporary committee will be formed to take over the functions of the Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM) following the latter’s de-registration as a motorsports association.

Sports commissioner Datuk Zaiton Othman said the decision was made following discussions with various motorsports organisations and stakeholders. She said the protem motorsports committee will be responsible for all matters relating to motorsports activities in the country, and will essentially function in AAM’s role as the ASN, or the national sporting authority, and the national motorsports federation until a new body is appointed.

Earlier this month, Zaiton said the association was de-registered on November 30 last year for failing to abide by the 1997 Sports Development Act, its failure to submit annual and financial reports as well as relevant details of its activities since 2016 being cited as reasons that led to its removal.

In its former capacity as the recognised motorsports authority in Malaysia, AAM had been responsible for, among other things, the issuance of race driver licences and insurance for motorsports events.

Its removal as the ASN raised questions from the motorsports fraternity as to the validity of AAM-issued racing licences and the legality of racing in the country without an ASN in place. In the statement, Zaiton said that racers holding a valid racing licence issued by AAM can continue their racing activities as usual.