Motorcycle accessory brand Givi is no stranger to Malaysian motorcyclists with its extensive range of top boxes, side cases, riding gear, helmet and accessories. Latest additions to its comprehensive catalogue is the B270N top box, priced at RM185 and the G12 centre case for underbone motorcycles, going for RM106.

A development of the previous model B27 top box, the B270N builds on the B27 and has undergone a redesign, the reflector now a little thinner and a larger Givi logo in chrome set on a carbon-fiber pattern molding. With an internal capacity of 27 litres and a maximum load of five kg, the B270N top box can store one helmet and is installed using a Givi Monorack, available separately.

As for the G12, this centre box is designed to fit in the step-over of an underbone bike, between the rider’s legs, replacing the standard basket usually found there. The Givi G10N box was used as the basis of the G12 and it has been given several upgrades.

While the G10N box had 10 litres of space, the G12 adds 2 litres along with an indentation that allows the rider to lift the seat without interference from the centre box. The G12 also come with a lockable cover, and the rider does not have to worry about belonging being exposed to snatch theft or the elements.

The G12 has a load capacity of 2 kg and is meant for carrying light items such as a rain coat and other miscellaneous items. Both the B270N and G12 boxes are designed by Malaysian talent working for Givi and exported to other countries where riders have similar needs and habits as local riders.

During the launch of the Givi B270N and G12 boxes where media were escorted in a motorcycle convoy to the event, other new items where displayed, which will be entering the Malaysian market soon. These include the B32N Bold top box with cargo net (RM235 for Black and RM340 for Black Advance) and backrest, waterproof bags, M30.1 Cielo helmet with new graphics (RM196) and security lock for the brake lever.

Also on display was the E23 panniers, which replace the venerable E22 side cases that have been a fixture in the Givi catalogue since the 1990s. The E23 cases are priced at RM550 in black and RM603 in silver, with the racking at extra cost.

As part of Givi’s new product launch, round-the-world rider Anita Yusof released the second book in her Global Dream Ride series, in which she details her adventures riding across South America. Titled “Global Dream Ride Chapter Two – This is the Destiny I Choose”, the Bahasa Malaysia book is self-published and available directly from the author.