Insurance provider Allianz Malaysia today held a soft launch for its latest product offering, Motorcycle Plus. Designed for the small bike market in Malaysia, those below 245 cc, Motorcycle Plus will be available to riders from 1 May, 2019.

There are two versions of Allianz Motorcycle Plus on offer – Comprehensive and Third Party Only. Offered at no added premium, Motorcycle Plus Comprehensive provides accident cover of RM5,000 for death or permanent disability, hospital income of RM50 per day up to a maximum of 60 days and Special Perils protection for loss of motorcycle due to flood, landslide or other natural disaster.

Meanwhile, also at no added cost, the third party option of Motorcycle Plus offers the above but excludes the Special Perils option. Motorcycle Plus is targeted at the lower end of the motorcycle population who are most disadvantaged when a mishap occurs, said Zakri Khir, chief executive officer of Allianz Malaysia.

Speaking on the issue of the difficulty making insurance claims, Zakri said Allianz is pro-active in such matters. Citing the example of deaths or accidents reported in the newspapers, Zakri said he has staff who scan news reports daily and check the database, then getting in touch with the next of kin if the victim is a policy holder.