A year after building a full-sized, 500,000-brick Lego Toyota Camry, Lego certified professional Ryan “The Brickman” McNaught is back with another creation. This time, it’s the FK8 Honda Civic Type R that is the feature vehicle.

Led by McNaught, a team of nine took over 1,300 hours to build the Lego CTR, assembling each brick by hand. The build, commissioned by Honda Australia in support of the upcoming Lego Masters show, used more than 320,000 Lego bricks.

As you’d expect, that adds up to quite a bit in weight, but the neat thing is that the Lego CTR doesn’t veer far off the actual car, tipping the scales at just over 1,300 kg. It even has functioning lights including brake, hazard, fog and headlights, all operated via an Apple iPad.

An actual Civic Type R and CAD drawings were used by the Lego Masters team to get a working blueprint. The car was then built from the ground up, layer by layer, using stock standard pieces. A steel frame supports the structure of the Lego bricks, which are all glued together.

McNaught said that there were some technical challenges in building the Type R due to the unique shape and design of the vehicle, with the most difficult elements of the construction being the window wipers – due to their fragility – and the rear spoiler, which needed structure to allow it to float.

“We’ve loved the challenge of this project. The car is shaped with a considerable amount of curved lines, making it a tough but interesting build. From the working lights and indicators to intricate Lego Honda logos, the detail on the model has been a fun one for us to work on”, he said.