Upgrading is a natural progression in life, and often times it’s fuelled by desire, which manifests itself in many material forms – the latest tech, that limited edition Swiss automatic watch, a bigger house, or even that dream getaway to Nordic countries. Like many desirable things, they require considerable monetary commitments. The same applies to cars.

Whether you’re a petrolhead or not, the Mercedes-Benz brand is unquestionably well-known, perhaps more so than most rivalling brands. The primary value tied to the tri-star logo is success, which is why ambitious people resonate well with motivational mantras like ‘fortune favours the bold’, or in this case, the best or nothing.

Getting best doesn’t always mean that you have to cough up top dollars, though. The Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-owned vehicle selection is a great place to start your journey. In fact, if you’re bargain hunting, Hap Seng Star’s Pre-owned Centre Kinrara – the largest facility for Mercedes-Benz Certified pre-owned cars in Malaysia – may just be your ideal starting point.

Let’s not sugarcoat things here. Pre-owned simply means used, but the benefits customers get are virtually incomparable to the deals (or lack thereof) regular used car dealers provide. We’ll start with warranty.

Just like their brand new counterparts, Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-owned cars are all covered under the official four-year warranty (New Vehicle Warranty) programme, but it’s important to note that the warranty is dated to the original day of purchase. For example, if your preferred C 350 e AMG Line was registered in May 2018, the remaining coverage term is three years. Simply put, the original warranty package is transferred over to the car’s subsequent new owner.

In addition to the four-year warranty, pre-owned cars are also given an additional 12-month limited warranty (provided by Allianz). This covers nine key components – engine, transmission (auto, manual, and transfer case), front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive componentry, steering, suspension, brakes, air-conditioning, and power windows. For cars that are no longer covered by New Vehicle Warranty, this 12-month warranty takes effect at the time of delivery.

Even with the pre-owned selection, you get the best, or nothing at all. All certified vehicles are subject to a comprehensive 215 multi-point inspection that’s carried out by certified technicians in facilities equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools.

The promise is that the cars are as road-worthy as their brand new counterparts, as per its tag line: As Mercedes as on day one. It’s also guaranteed that every single vehicle has not been involved in any accidents that would compromise its structural integrity. In the unlikely event that a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz owner finds traces of structural damage, he or she will either be fully reimbursed, or receive a one-to-one exchange.

Other notable benefits include a complimentary set of new tyres for eligible vehicles (to be fitted on prior to delivery), a low interest rate of between 2.3% to 3.4% per annum (subject to customer profile and age of vehicle), as well as a free car polish to match that gleaming smile of yours during handover.

As a final assurance, all certified pre-owned cars fulfil the strict scrutiny and technical standards of Mercedes-Benz. Each car, besides being under six years old and not exceed 125,000 km mileage, will have its exterior and interior thoroughly checked, the mileage untempered, and comes with proper service record to prove that it has been serviced and maintained by authorised dealers only.

If there were any repairs done during the previous ownership, it’s guaranteed that only original parts were used. For greater peace of mind, customers benefit from a 24-hour road assistance in the case of an unexpected breakdown, and you also get the option to trade-in your current vehicle and receive fair appraisal.

Sure, you may end up paying slightly more when buying a certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz, but ask yourself this: would you rather pay less for your dream car, or invest in a little more for the full-fledged premium ownership experience? Yep, that also includes being handled by professional sales advisors, and there’s even service and maintenance packages that are conveniently priced for your choosing.

If you’re keen, you may visit the Hap Seng Star Kinrara Pre-owned Centre that is located at No. 18, Jalan BK 1/13, Bandar Kinrara Industrial Park, 47100 Puchong, Selangor (Google Map link here), and can be reached at 03-80620366 or 03-80620343.