Porsche is reportedly developing a two-door version of the Panamera to rival the BMW 8 Series and Aston Martin Vantage. The new Panamera, according to Autocar and other reports, may be available as a coupe and cabriolet.

In fact, the two new variants could be introduced as early as next year (Porsche executives have yet to deny these rumours) and would offer greater practicality over the 992-gen 911, although they may be considered as a 2+2 instead of outright four seaters.

When asked about the possibility of such cars, Porsche design boss Michael Mauer, who designed the original Panamera, said: “As a designer there are no limits to what I can conceive. I believe it is the design department’s role to sketch and consider every model it can for the future so that we are ready should anyone wish to pursue a project.”

“But if you are asking me to confirm if such projects are on the way then you are going to be disappointed. It is not my role to consider such things,” he added.

Can you visualise a two-door Panamera?

German media reports that plans for the cars are already well into the advanced stages, speculating that they will sit on shortened versions of the Panamera’s existing MSB platform. If the Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 concept were to get the green light for production, it’s likely that it will also share the MSB platform, bringing a further economy of scale.

There is also a suggestion that the two-door Panamera models will not actually carry the Panamera name, since it’s going to be positioned to fit the sportier, less practical end of the market. Anyone smell a Porsche 928 successor?

Where the name and styling may differ, the powertrain won’t. The new front-engined models are expected to share the same range of petrol engines from the Panamera, and that includes the plug-in hybrid option as well. The latter, if the cars ever go into production, will be highly likely, considering that more than half of European Panamera buyers opt for the plug-in model.