Chevrolet is continuing its teaser campaign for the eighth-generation (C8) Corvette, which will adopt a mid-engine layout instead of the front-engine setup used from the C1 to the C7.

This short video titled “Let’s Go: The Next Generation Corvette” continues to focus on this shift, beginning with race car driver Zora Arkus-Duntov getting ready to set off in the CERV I, which is an early development prototype of a mid-engined Chevrolet vehicle.

We also get to see other mid-engined mules like the CERV II, CERV III, Aerovette and Corvette Indy Concept, although the CERV IV is given a miss here, likely due to the placement of its engine.

What the video doesn’t reveal is the specifications of the engine that will be used in the C8. Reports indicate that a 6.2 litre V8 is very likely, albeit uprated to produce 500 hp without forced induction, dubbed the LT2. A Tremec TR-9007 dual-clutch transmission is said to be the paired with the engine as well.

As the current C7 will continue to be sold well into 2022, the new C8 could join the Corvette line-up as a 2020 model year car alongside the current model rather than stand in as an outright replacement. More details will be revealed when the C8 debuts on July 18 this year.

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