Land Rover will not be introducing an all-electric Range Rover Evoque, not least till 2025 as it focuses its efforts on hybrid technology, Autocar reports. Jaguar Land Rover UK boss Rawdon Glover said that while “there will be a market for a small to medium-sized electric SUV,” it will not arrive before the next-generation Evoque.

The second-generation Evoque, which made its debut last November, sits atop the new Premium Transverse Architecture platform that can accommodate mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid technologies. At its launch, the SUV is equipped with a 48-volt mild-hybrid system (a first for the automaker), and it also features a 48-volt under-floor battery.

The plug-in hybrid model, on the other hand, will be introduced within a year’s time, the report adds. It will be powered by a 1.5 litre petrol engine that’s married to an electric motor which reportedly makes 108 hp. Glover described the Evoque PHEV as “fleet game-changer” for the automaker, and predicts it will make up more than a third of UK Evoque sales when it’s launched.

However, Autocar states that the platform can not accommodate a fully electric drivetrain, and therefore a new architecture would need to be implemented for a third-generation model.

Land Rover believes PHEV technology to be a sensible middle ground for the Evoque, as opposed to a fully electric variant, having seen success with the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport plug-in hybrids launched in 2017. Broader electric plans for Land Rover are unconfirmed, but an electric version of the flagship Range Rover is expected in less than five years.