BMW is due to reveal its vision of how its M cars will shape up in the future through its Vision M NEXT concept, which will be unveiled very soon. Ahead of its arrival, the automaker is teasing the study, but is doing so in a rather unconventional manner – the images here aren’t of the actual car, but generated through paper and cardboard.

The set is the work of artist Thomas Demand, who picked out various details from the car and designed represented visual cues with the above materials, with the actual colour scheme of the car replicated through the artwork. There’s no suggestion of how the study will shape up, but the M route should suggest a coupe shape with plenty of complex lines. And of course, a grey exterior with black and orange red contrasts.

According to vice-president of design Adrian van Hooydonk, the automaker has decided on a new approach in teasing a study by utilising the selection of artwork. “The photos are fascinating and tell their own story. They are very close to the BMW Vision vehicle and yet completely abstract, pure art. They will only become tangible when you set eyes on the Vision vehicle itself,” he explained.

The company says that while the Vision iNEXT shows the ways in which autonomous driving will change life on board our vehicles, the Vision M NEXT will showcase how intelligent technologies can be harnessed to enhance driving pleasure and provide sporty driving dynamics in the new age of mobility.

GALLERY: BMW Vision iNEXT concept