The Porsche 911 GT3 has been spotted again out and about in its latest 992-generation guise, and given its on-circuit performance slant, its repeated sighting on the roads around the Nurburgring Nordschleife as well as within the circuit itself is a natural occurence.

Though the forthcoming GT3’s bodywork is still concealed and therefore a work still in progress, we can see here that the Porsche Motorsport-developed variant of the Neunelfer will have considerably more aero-influencing elements than on mainstream 911s. The front bumper will have lower, more protruding splitter, though it appears that its side intakes are still camouflaged, here aping those on the 911 RSR.

The rear end of the 992-generation GT3 also sports bodywork disguise at its rear end, where its rear wing includes a pair of rather-chunky uprights; could these conceal a top-mounted, ‘swan-neck’ arrangement as seen on modern race cars? Time will tell. Either way, this is complemented by a duck tail spoiler located where the retractable item would be on standard 992s.

Rolling stock carries over the current GT-series Porsche tradition of using centre-locking wheels, here appearing to house a large set of brakes, likely with carbon-ceramic discs. Standard steel brake discs can be expected to be available as well. The GT3 chassis will most likely continue to include rear-axle steering, along with the requisite uprated springs and dampers for the rigours of track driving.

Though yet to be officially confirmed, the GT3 will soldier on in this generation with its naturally-aspirated 4.0 litre horizontal six cylinder engine, possibly with a hike in peak power to 550 hp. This engine is likely to include petrol particulate filters to help the NA engine get through ever-tightening emissions rules, as applied to the 991-generation 911 Speedster.

For now, more precise details on the 992-generation GT3 will have to wait, though perhaps not too long. There’s a bit of time between now and the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, and it could make its debut then as a 2020 year model.