GoCar Malaysia has announced its new car subscription service, offering vehicular ownership experience without committing to purchases that typically involve hefty downpayment and insurance.

What’s more, GoCar Subscription gives you the option to cancel your subscription as and when you desire, so one will not be tied to a multi-year car lease. A refundable deposit of RM2,500 will also be charged to your account at the start of your subscription.

For example, the company is offering vehicles such as the Nissan Almera for RM1,600 a month, and the Renault Captur for RM2,500 a month. Keep in mind that the monthly fee includes the extras, such as insurance, road tax, maintenance, mileage and roadside assistance.

As part the launch programme, GoCar is offering 50% off your first month (for GoCar members only, comes with a three-month commitment) when you sign up for GoCar Subscription between July 10, 2019 and October 9, 2019.

Those who want the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any given time, you can opt for the monthly subscription option. Interestingly, GoCar also allows two additional drivers to be bound to a car, but they must be GoCar members and be present during the sign-up process. What do you think of this?