According to a report by Autocar UK, MINI is looking to enter the small MPV market with a new model, which will apparently wear the Traveller name. The model is aimed at those who require something even more practical than the Countryman and Clubman, particularly those with families.

The MINI MPV will follow in the footsteps of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, and be built on the FAAR platform, which already supports front- and all-wheel drive. Early versions of the model – production slated for the end of 2022 – will feature an internal combustion engine, with a plug-in hybrid and fully electric models arriving later on.

The EV model is said to adopt technologies planned for the successor to the BMW i3, and should benefit from the latest in battery cell technology to provide a range of approximately 400 km on a single charge, with competition being in the form of the Volkswagen ID.3.

This expansion of models is part of MINI’s revised global operations, where future models will either utilise the FAAR platform or a jointly developed one with Great Wall Motors, as is the case with the upcoming Rocketman. The aim here is to minimise the cost of development of new models, while being able to add diversity to MINI’s line-up, allowing the company to increase its sales volume.