BMW i3 will likely not be renewed for a next generation

The BMW i3 will likely not be renewed for another generation, at least according to Pieter Nota, who is a member of the board of management of BMW Group, Customer, Brands and Sales.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Nota said the German carmaker will instead focus on implementing battery and plug-in hybrid powertrains in its other models, while also developing all-electric models. “There’s no specific plan for an i3 successor. We are now bringing electrification more to the mainstream,” he said.

For now, production and sales of the i3, which was first introduced in 2013, will continue on, with Nota noting that over 150,000 units of the electric vehicle has been sold so far. With stricter emission regulations being implemented over the years, the demand for EVs has increased, resulting in encouraging sales of the i3 in the process.

BMW i3 will likely not be renewed for a next generation

Sales of the i3 in the first half of 2019 amounted to 19,073 units, which is a 21.2% increase from the 15,736 units sold in the same period last year. “The i3 is actually doing extremely well in its sixth year of production already,” said Nota.

During its initial release, the i3 was BMW’s first mass-produced zero emissions vehicle that was part of the BMW i electric vehicle sub-brand. While the design attracted mix opinions, the EV served as a good technical showcase of BMW’s knowhow on renewable energy and the use of recycled materials, particularly with regards to its cabin.

In the years since its introduction, the i3 has been updated with more capable batteries, a range extender option, and even a high-performance version in the form of the i3s.

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