Maserati, on the back of a five billion euro (RM22.87 billion) investment programme by parent company Fiat Chrysler Automobile, has announced plans for the production of new electrified vehicles and autonomous driving technologies.

Moving forward, all of Maserati’s new cars will either be electrified or go fully electric, with the Ghibli being first in line to receive the new hybrid powertrain. The Ghibli hybrid is set to make its debut next year.

The automaker is set to release an all-new model soon, which will be produced at its Modena plant – the facility is currently being upgraded to accommodate production of electric cars. The GranTurismo and GranCabrio models will also receive successors, albeit in full electric guises. Both the GTs will be made at the Turin production hub – an investment of 800 million euros (RM3.66 billion) have been apportioned for this.

A new SUV will also be built at its Cassino plant. Maserati says the new model will play a “leading role” for the brand thanks to innovative technologies, and approximately 800 million euros (RM3.66 billion) has been allocated for the construction of the new production line. The line is scheduled to open at the end of Q1 2020, while first pre-series cars are expected to roll off the line in 2021.

The next-generation Maserati GranTurismo and GranCabrio will be full electric

All of Maserati’s cars will be completely, 100% made in Italy, and will either get a petrol-electric hybrid powertrain or full electric propulsion system. The automaker says the EVs will get next-generation battery electric technology, offering “unique driving modes,” extended driving range and ultra-fast charging capabilities. No details or figures have been released as yet, though.

On the driver assistance side of thing, all new Maserati models, including those that are on sale currently, will be fitted with autonomous driving capabilities, starting with Maserati Level 2 enhanced Highway Assist progressing to Level 3 with hands-off function. The latter automatically manoeuvres the vehicle in and out of lanes, and can even bring the car to a stop on the roadside if the driver is unable to reassume control of the vehicle. You may read our breakdown of the five levels of automation, here.

Meanwhile, Maserati is in the midst of upgrading its paint shop in Modena. It will be equipped with low environmental-impact tech, and designed specifically to allow Maserati customers to observe their car being painted. On that end, a new customisation programme is also being developed for those seeking a one-of-a-kind level of exclusivity.