After a crowdfunding exercise back in October 2016, Swedish urban electric vehicle (EV) maker Uniti has revealed pricing and specifications for its first EV, the Uniti One. Pricing for the Uniti One starts from 15,100 pounds sterling (RM79,842) in the UK, including government subsidy.

Designed as a three-seater with driver located centrally and two adults in the back, the Uniti One comes in two versions, differing in the size of the floor-mounted battery pack. The 12 kWh battery offers 150 km of range while the 24 kWh battery model goes 300 km between charges.

Charging to 80% for the 12 kWh battery is claimed to be approximately one hour using the onboard fast charger, or nine minutes using a 50 kW CCS unit. The rear wheels of the Uniti One are driven by an electric motor putting out 68 PS and 85 Nm of torque.

Performance wise, Uniti One will reach zero-to-50 km/h in 4.1 seconds, with 100 km/h being reached in 9.9 seconds. Top speed for this city EV is claimed to be 120 km/h although there were no numbers as to how long the battery would last at that speed.

In three-seater mode, there is 155 litres of cargo space in the Uniti One, while folding the split rear seats and making the Uniti One into a driver-only EV gives 760 litres of usable space. The electrochromic panoramic roof and sun visor are standard features, along with a heated windscreen and tinted power windows, with a heated driver’s seat an option.

Using Android Automotive OS, Uniti One’s touchscreen display comes preloaded with Google Maps, Waze and Spotify with Bluetooth connectivity as standard. Other standard equipment includes LED lighting all round including DRLs, power-adjustable side mirrors with integrated sequential LED indicators and an integrated rear-view camera.

MobilEye 6 collision avoidance is a selectable option while ISOFIX fittings can be found in both rear seats. The Uniti One customer can select between two different audio systems and a pair of USB sockets and three cup holders provide added convenience for occupants.

There are three colour options for the Uniti One – bright metallic Scandium, dark Graphite and warm Titanium. Eschewing the standard distributor-dealer sales model, Uniti welcomes direct customer participation in the buying experience at its website.